Media content analysis of stem cells boundaries in Spain: Speech act theory, performativity and literacy in action


Embryo economies
Media analysis
Speech act theory
Boundary work


This paper will give an account of how the term performativity has been a much disputed subject within the field of linguistics, gender studies and actor network theory. And how it provides a theoretical framework of researching biomaterials as eggs in these technologies, which will facilitate new cultural patterns of analysis in IFV – Stem Cells – Cloning boundaries and policies. In an attempt to explore the crossing character of these biomaterials in the biotechnologies, it was analysed 2006 year since a new Assisted Reproduction Act was passed and the first Draft Bill of Biomedicine was launched in Spain. Selecting the texts from the two main national newspapers in Spain, were coded by a qualitative analysis program to set their dynamics through IVF, Stem Cells and Cloning news. Data management and analysis was done by a quantitative statistical program. Once texts were coded, linked and marked, the process of model specification was carried out. Through speech act theory and performativity, it was possible to study the discursive practices shown in these biotechnologies where identities are positional, unstable and contingent but supported by the requirement for negotiation. Therefore, this paper offers a new approach to include gender studies in media content analysis of embryo economies.
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