Alternative Schooling Platform (ASP) for Sustainable Uninterruptible Learning System: A Strategy to Cope with COVİD-19 Crisis in Nigeria


Alternative Schooling Platform
School calendar disruption
School closure


This paper reviewed the effects of Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on the educational sector in Nigeria to highlighting avenues for Nigeria to reassess itself and evolve an alternative schooling platform which can remain unhindered whenever the nation experiences any crisis. The paper pinpointed some features of novel platforms that are aimed at delivering ICT-supported remote schooling such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported Teaching and Learning platform, Kahoot, Digital Education Administration Tool (DEAT), Google for Education, Hangout and Book Creator. Some were offered at a reasonable cost during the period of COVID-19. Nigeria may be able to overcome her challenges if the lessons of the lockdown period could be used to plan and implement an education policy; Alternative Schooling Platform (ASP) for teaching and learning. Such investment will ensure stability of educational sector in Nigeria and improves the economic return on investment in education and make the sector more sustainable.
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