Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) Platforms Among Undergraduates in Private Universities in Nigeria During Covid-19 Era


Technology-Enhanced Learning
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The current pandemic of COVID-19 has affected every activities of the world with educational institutions not exempted. The lockdown has also halted instructional activities in the four walls of classroom around the world. Hence, many educational institutions have resulted to embracing technology-enhanced learning (TEL) platform to sustain academic session and continue to engage in teaching-learning activities through WhatsApp, Google Classroom, Schoology and Zoom Video Conferencing tool. This study examined the awareness, access and reaction toward TEL. It is descriptive research of the survey methods and the instrument is a researcher-designed questionnaire validated by four lecturers in Al-Hikmah University, Ilorin. The questionnaire was pilot tested and the data collected was subjected to a reliability test of Cronbach Alpha which yielded 0.89. Five research questions and two hypotheses guided the conduct of this study. All research questions were answered through frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation while hypotheses raised were test using chi-square. The findings revealed that the undergraduate student of private universities possess a high rate of awareness and can access leaning content in TEL platforms which justify the positive reaction. Hence, it is recommended that TEL should be embraced to bridge the gap created by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown across the world.
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